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Bid Notice Abstract
Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  Reference Number 6140667
  Area of Delivery Zamboanga Del Sur   Printable Version
Solicitation Number: B-017-2019
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding
Classification: Goods
Category: Books, Maps and Other Publications
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 1,000,000.00
Delivery Period: 15 Day/s
Client Agency:

Contact Person: JAIME G. JALON
College President
Fort Pilar
Zamboanga City
Zamboanga Del Sur
Philippines 7000


Associated Components Order
Bid Supplements
Document Request List
Date Published 16/04/2019
Last Updated / Time 16/04/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date / Time 06/05/2019 10:00 AM

The Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), through its Bids and Awards Committee, is inviting PhilGeps registered suppliers to apply for eligibility and to submit bids for the items mentioned hereunder:

Reading Materials For Fisheries, Aquaculture, Marine Biology and Fishing Technology

1. Aquaculture Technology: Flowing water & static water fish Culture/ Soderberg, c 2017 1 Copy

2. Aquaculture & Fish Farming/Brendan Mars, c 2017 1 Copy

3. Aquaculture and Fish biotechnology/ Vincent Calde c2017 1 Copy

4. Aquaculture engineering/Elle Ward, c2017 1 Copy

5. Fisheries Management / Roger Creed, c2016 1 Copy

6. Aquaculture and Fisheries management/ Geoffrey Gibbs, c2017 1 Copy

7. Fisheries Management/ Calvin Wilkins, c2017 1 Copy

8. Ichthyology and aquatic biology/ Rory Cortes, c2017 1 Copy

9. Marine and aquatic science/ Jeremy Harpe, c2017 1 Copy

10. Sustainable aquaculture: management and techniques/ Bruno August, c2017 1 Copy

11. Aquatic Biology and Bioderversity/ Olando M., c2017 1 Copy

12. Ichthyology: An Intro to fish science/ Thomas Keen, c2018 1 Copy

13. Marine ecology and Fisherie/ Roger Creed, c2016 1 Copy

14. Aquaculture and Biotechnology/ Preehi Kartar, c2017 1 Copy

15. Fisheries and Aquaculture/ Roger Creed, c2016 1 Copy

16. Aquatic Ecology: A study of marine and Freshwater ecosystem/ Simon Oaken, c2016 1 Copy
17. Aquatic ecosystem management/ Jeremy Harpe, c2016 1 Copy

18. Aquatic biodeversity and water pollution/ Bihan Snyder, c2018 1 Copy

19. Aqutic Biology/ Luke Holt, c2018 1 Copy

20. Aquatic Ecology/ Vincent Jenny, c2018 1 Copy

21. Aquatic Pollution: An Introductory text/ Wiley, c2017 1 Copy

22. Marine ecosystem- based management in practice: different.. By Wondolleck 1 Copy

23. Seafood authenticity and traceability: A DNA based perspective/ Naaum, Aman, c 2016 1 Copy

Reading Materials For Food Processing/Food Technoloy

24. Food & Beverage service: expert w/ DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

25. Understanding food principles and preparation/ Brown, c2019 1 Copy

26. The Oxford Handbook of Food ethics/Buenhill, c2018 1 Copy

27. Basic Fermentation/Katz, c2017 1 Copy
28. Consumer and Sensory Evaluation Evaluation techniques: How to sense../ Saint-Dennis, c2018 1 Copy
29. Food processing: Beginner w DVD by 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

30. Food processing for increase quality consumption. Ist ed./ Grumezescu, c2018 1
31. Food quality control: methods, importance and latest measures/ Cristia Gard, c2018 1
32. Foundation in Microbiology/ Talaro, c2017 1 Copy

33. Prescott's Microbiology, 10 ed. / Willey, c 2017 1 Copy

34. Food science: an ecological approach/ Edelstein, c2019 1 Copy

35. Megatrends in food and agriculture-technology water use/ Traitler, c2017 1 Copy

36. Introdution to Food science and Food System, 2nd ed./ Parker, c2017 1 Copy

37. Theory, Practice & Techniques in Food Chemistry/ (any author) c 2018 1 Copy

Reading Materials For Food Processing/Food Technoloy

38. Career guide: Info techno. w/ DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

39. Visual graphic design/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

40. Understanding PC Hardware (visual guide: PC assembly, upgrade and repair/ any author 5 Copy
41. Animation (2D Digital) : advance w/ DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

42. Animation (3D Digital) : advance w/ DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

Reading Materials for Technology Education and ICT

43. Masonry: Beginner w/DVD / 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

44. Career guide software designer w/ DVD / 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

45. Career in your Community: working as a plumber in your community/ 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy
46. Maintenance & Repair automative w/ DVD / 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

47. Plumbing: beginner w/DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

48. Welding principles and application/ Jeffus, Larry, c2016 1 Copy

49. Carpentry: Intermediate w/DVD / #G Learning, 2016 1 Copy

50. Clothing business startup w/DVD, c2015 1 Copy

51. Electrical Installation and Maintenance advance, w/DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy

52. Electrical Installation and Maintenance : Intermediate, w DVD Learning c2016 1 Copy

53. Electrical Installation & Maintenance, expert w/ DVD, /3G Learning 2016 1 Copy

54. Electrical Inspection, testing and certification: a guide to passing the city and guids/ Drudy, M. , c2016 1 Copy
55. Cosmetology & beauty parlour management w/ DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

56. Fashion Design and Garment Technology w/ DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

57. Agricultural Management w DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

58. Automotive servicing: beginner w/ DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 Copy
59. Basic Agriculture w/ DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

60. Career guide: agriculture w/ DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

61. Culinary Nutrition w DVD by 3G Learning, c2015 1 Copy

62. Handicraft: (Leather craf and wood craft) / Basbas, J. G. D., c2016 5 Copy

Reading Materials for Environmental Science

63. 3GE Collection on environmental science : environmental… by 3G E-learning, c2018 1 Copy
64. 5 Steps to A 5: AP environmental science/ Williams, c2018 1 Copy

65. Energy science: prins., techno & impact/ Andrews, 2018 1 Copy

66. Environmental chem. : an analytical approach/ Overway, C2017 1 Copy

67. Environmental economics & sustainability/ Lin, c2017 1 Copy

68. Environmental Ethics & Behavioral change/ Franks, c2017 1 Copy

69. Environmental Science, 16th ed. / Miller, c2019 1 Copy

70. Environmental Science 15th ed. / Enger, c2019 1 Copy

71. Human impact on the environment : past, present / Goudle, c2019 1 Copy

72. Industrial water resource management, challenges and../ Segupta, c2018 1 Copy

Reading Materials For Hospitality Management

73. Front office service: Intermediate w DVD by 3G Learning, C2016 1 Copy

74. House keeping : intermediate w/ DVD by 3G learning, c2016 1 Copy

75. Housekeeping : K to 12 techvoc /Ubistondo, L. A. , c2016 4 Copy

76. Bread and pastry production (Part 1) / Delos Reyes, C. E, C2016 5 Copy

77. Tour Guide Services/ by Salamanca 2 copy/ies

78. Banguet Function and Catering Service Procedure (w/ CD) by 3G Learning 1 copy/ies
79. Reservation, Boarding and Loading Mngt. / by 3G Learning 1 copy/ies

80. Travel Services/ by Salamanca 2 copy/ies

81. Guide Notes in Food Safety and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP/ by Jose Hilario
4 copy/ies

82. Introduction to Hotel & Front Office Operations/ By Roland 4 copy/ies

83. Enterpreneurship/ by Areola 4 copy/ies

84. Accomodation Management (with CD) / by 3G Learning 1 copy/ies

85. Cruise Marketing and Management (with CD) / by 3G Learning 1 copy/ies

86. Fundamentals of Hospitality Tourism Management Strategies/ by Pratap 1 copy/ies

87. Hotel Housekeeping Runner (with CD) / by 3G Learning 1 copy/ies

88. Personality Development : Theory and Practice (K to 12 (Curriculum) / by Paul Francisco 5 copy/ies
89. Introduction to Hotel &Front Office Operations/ Roldan, c2017 5 copy/ies

90. Enterpreneurship/ by Areola c2017 5 copy/ies

91. Principle of Marketing leadership in hospitality and tourism "Strategies and Tactics for competitive advantage"/ S. Shoemaker, et al. (latest ed 5 copy/ies

92. Textbook of baking & pastry fundamentals/ S. R. Labesky, et al. 2 copy/ies

93. Principle of bar service operations/ J.L. A. Ditan, (Latest ed.) 5 copy/ies

94. Skirting, table setting and napkin folding/ 3G E-Learning 4 copy/ies

95. Introducing hospitality/Jhon R. Walker 2 copy/ies

96. Meal management & table service/ V. Sirraon- Claudio, et al. 5 copy/ies

97. Food and Beverage service : Intermediate/ 3G E-Learning 2 copy/ies

98. Front Office service/ Victor A. Caylao, Jr. 5 copy/ies

99. Fundamentals accounting principles : (including international financial report standards- IFRS) 2 copy/ies

100. Food Service Management in the Phils./ Grace P. Perdigon 5 copy/ies

101. Methods of research and writing thesis/ J.F. Calderon 5 copy/ies

102. Practical qualitative research writing/ D. C. Cababaro 5 copy/ies

103. Business Finance/ R. G. Medina 5 copy/ies

104. Human Resource Management in small business/ 3G E Learning 2 copy/ies

105. Hotel and Motel Management and Operations/ W. S. Gray 5 copy/ies

106. Handbook on first aide, rescue and water safety/ J.B. Vicente 5 copy/ies

107. Front Office Management: a beginner's guide/ Essential Learning 2 copy/ies

108. Food and Beverage service : an introductory guide/ Essential Learning 2 copy/ies

109. Hospitality security services/Essential Learning 2 copy/ies

110. Operations management: an introductory guide/ Essential Learning 2 copy/ies

111. Theory,Practice and Techniques in hotel and restaurant management/ Essential Learning 5 copy/ies

112. Quantitative approaches in decision-making with computer application/ R. R. Araom er al . . . 5 copy/ies

113. Organizational behavior and mngt. In Phil. Oragnization/ C. A. Zarte 5 copy/ies

114. Enterpreneurship and small business management/ R. G. Medina 5 copy/ies

115. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility/ J.M. B. Maximo 5 copy/ies
116. Introductory Macroeconomics/ C. Pagoso, et al. 5 copy/ies

117. Macroeconomics/ O. Blanchard 2 copy/ies

118. Organizational Behavior/ Marco Malloy 2 copy/ies

119. Understanding service marketing/ J.E. Bateson 5 copy/ies

120. Housekeeping made easy/ Ma. A. L. Sicat 5 copy/ies

121. Bread and pastry production / C. E. P. Delos Reyes 5 copy/ ies

122. Bartending: a beginner's guide/ Essential Learning 3 copy/ies

123. Human resource Management / N. Hollenbeck 3 copy/ies

124. Tourism promotion services: intermediate/ 3G E-Learning 3 copy/ies

125. Fundamental of professional cooking/ Gene Gonzales 5 copy/ies

126. Research and thesis writing with statistics computer applications/ L. Paler Calmorin 5 copy/ies

127. Enterpreneurship : starting an enterprise having an innovative mindset/ Josiah Go, et al.. 5 copy/ies

128. Guide on employee compensation and benefits/ Atty E.B. Villanueva 5 copy/ ies

129. Human Resource Forms, notices and contracts/ Atty E.B. Villanueva 5 copy/ ies

130. Ship catering service: beginner w/ DVD / 3G Learning, c2016 1 copy

131. Newlywed Kitchen/ Martha Stewarts 1 copies

132. Smitten kitchen every day triumphant and unfussy new favorites/ Deb Perelman 1 copies
133. Kitchen creativity/ Karen Page 2 copies

134. Ultimate treat and decorating collection/ Wilton 2 copies

135. Chinese street food/ H. Southworth & G. Matza 2 copies

136. Duchess bake Shop French-inspired recipes/ G. Courteau 2 copies

137. Culinaria France: a celebration of food and tradition/ Ulman Publishing 5 copies

138. Enterpreneurship/ Saidali, c2016 5 copies
139. Sweet, candy and chocolates/ Calire Ptak 4 copies

140. The Contemporary cake decorating bible/ Lindy Smith 5 copies

141. Bookkeeping : advanced, w DVD, c2016 1 copy

142. Bread and pastry production: intermediate, w DVD, c2016 1 copy

143. Food & Beverage service: advanced w/ DVD/ 3G Learning, c2016 1 copy


144. Purposive Communication: Using Eng. In Multilingual Contexts / Madrunio & Martin. C2018 4 copy

145. Essentials Mathematics for the Modern World/ By Nocon, c2018 5 copy

146. Readings in the Philippine History/ By John Lee Candelaria. C2018 5 copy

147. Art Appreciation / by Bernardo Nicolas Caslib, Jr., et al. C2018 5 copy

148. The Contemporary World/ by Prince Kennex R. Aldam. C2018 5 copy

149. Understanding the Self/ by Edene Joy Pastor Alata, et al., c2018 5 copy

150. Mathematics in the Modern World R. O. Alejan, C2018 4 copy

151. Science, Technology and Society/ by Janice Patria. C2018 4 copy

152. Jose Rizal Social Performer & Patriot/ A. V. De Viana. C2018 4 copy

153. Communication for Society Purposive Communication/ by I. A. Uychoco, et al. C2018 5 copy

154. Ethics Foundation of Moral Valuation by O.G. Bulaong. C2018 5 copy/ies

155. Makabagong Filipino sa Nagbabagong Panahon : Batayang Aklat sa Kapaki-Pakinabang na Komunikasyon sa Ika-21 Siglo by Nuncio. C2018 5 copy/ies

156. Makabuluhang Filipino sa Iba't Ibang Panahon: Batayang Aklat sa pagbasa, pagsulat at panaliksik sa antas pangkolehiyo (Filipino 2) / Nuncio, c2018 4 copy/ies

157. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry Text/ By Baltazar, C2018 4 copy/ies

158. Plane & Spherical Trigo. Workbook/ by Baltzar. C2018 4 copy/ies

159. Plane & Solid Mensuration/ By Mateo. C2018 4 copy/ies

160. Solid Mensuration: Understanding the 3D Space/ by Earhart. C2018 5 copy/ies

161. Learning guide in methods of research/ Yazon, c2019 5 copies

162. Introduction to psychology: a simplified approach (OBE) compliant) / Pelayo, c2018 5 copies
163. English for academic and professional purpose/ Tandoc, c2016 4 copies

164. Purposive communication/ Mariveles, c2016 4 copies

165. Media & Information Literacy/ Abadiano, c2016 4 copies

166. Intro. To philosophy of the human person/ Padilla, c2016 4 copies

167. Fundamentals of earth science/ Cadiz, c2016 4 copies

168. Earth & Life Science / Capili, c2016 5 copies

169. General Chemistry 1 & 2 / Janeo, c 2016 5 copies

170. Physical science : a modular approach, c2016 5 copies

171. Biology/ Narca, c2016 5 copies

172. Biology 1 / Cabrido, 2016 5 copies

173. Chemistry/ de Borja, c2016 5 copies

174. Physical science / Nucum, c2016 5 copies

175. Statistics & probability/ Sirung, c2016 5 copies

176. Statistics & probability/ Carpio, c2016 5 copies

177. Enterpreneurship / Pereda, c2016 5 copies

178. Fitness, health & sport (health optimizing physical education/ Espeso, c2016 5 copies

179. Health Education : a modular approach / Marquez, c2016 5 copies

180. Physical Education 2 / Rivera, c2016 5 copies

181. Teach-talk and learn for teachers and practice teachers of different disciplies 5 copies

182. General Chemistry, Laboratory Manual and Workbook/ Urbano, c2018 5 copies

183. Komunikasyon sa pananaliksik sa wika at kulturang Pilipino/ Acopra et al, c2016 5 copies

184. Pagbasa at pagsulat sa iba't-ibang larangan/ Javier, c2016 4 copies

185. Akademikong Filipino sa piling larangan alinsunod sa K to 12) Kurrikulum/ J. Acapara, et al., c2016 5 copies

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
The criteria to be used for the eligibility check of prospective bidders, examination and evaluation of bids, post-qualification and all matters to this procurement shall be in accordance with Republic Act No. 9148 (THE GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT REFORM ACT) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. Interested bidders may obtain further information from ZSCMST-BAC Secretariat regarding the checklist of eligibility and technical requirements.


1. Bidding documents may be acquired by interested Bidders from the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee for the Bidding Documents in the amount of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (Php 500.00) only. It may also be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Philippine Government Procurement System (PhilGEPS), provided that Bidders shall pay the non-refundable fee for the Bidding Documents not later than the submission of their bids.

2. All bidders are required to post a BID SECURITY in the form of CASH/BANK GUARANTEE (2% of ABC) or SURETY BOND (5% of ABC) or BID SECURING DECLARATION.

3. The bidder prepare an original TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL PROPOSAL, COPY 1 and COPY 2.

4. Warranty shall be for a period of six (6) month for supplies and materials. One (1) year equipment from the date acceptance by the ZAMBOANGA STATE COLLEGE OF MARINE SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY.

5. Bid Opening shall be on May 6, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. at ZSCMST, BAC Office, G/F New Supply Office Building, Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City, Philippines, 7000. Bids will be opened in the presence of the Bidders representatives who choose to attend at the address above. Late bids shall not be accepted.

6. Price validity shall be for a period of 120 calendar days.

7. Bid received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at Bid Opening.

Pre-bid Conference




24/04/2019 10:00 AM Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology, BAC Office, G/F New Supply Building, Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City, 7000

Other Information
Purpose: Library References

Reference: PR #: 19-03-027

Fund: 164

Created by JAIME G. JALON
Date Created 08/04/2019

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