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Bid Notice Abstract
Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  Reference Number 5999099
  Title repair/rehabilitation of barangay multi purpose hall
  Area of Delivery Bohol   Printable Version
Solicitation Number: 2019-01
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding
Classification: Goods
Category: Construction Materials and Supplies
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 485,000.00
Delivery Period: 30 Day/s
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Charito Ones Angoy
barangay kagawad BAC Chairman
Purok 3 Ubi Baucan Sur
Philippines 6342
63-909-4444 Ext.555



Associated Components Order
Bid Supplements
Document Request List
Date Published 15/03/2019
Last Updated / Time 15/03/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date / Time 01/04/2019 9:00 AM

invitation to bid

Line Items
Item No.Product/Service NameDescriptionQuantityUOMBudget (PHP)
2g1gravel10Cubic Meter-1.00
3blacksand6Cubic Meter-1.00
4hallow blockhallow block400Piece-1.00
5starlockg i sheets 16ft40Sheet-1.00
6plainplain g i sheets 8ft16Sheet-1.00
7vale guttervale gutter 8ft4Sheet-1.00
8screwwoodscrew #2500Piece-1.00
9hacksaw bladehacksaw blade10Piece-1.00
10vulca sealvulca seal2Can-1.00
11def. bar.16mm def. bar.68Piece-1.00
12def. bar.12mm def. bar100Piece-1.00
13def. bar10mm def. bar150Piece-1.00
14tie wiretie wire #161Roll-1.00
15marineplywood 1/475Sheet-1.00
16C.W. nails # 4c.w.nails #41Carton-1.00
17c.w. nails # 3c.w. nails # 31Carton-1.00
18c.w.nails # 2c.w. nails # 2600Gram-1.00
19c.w.nails # 1c.w.nails # 1100Gram-1.00
202x2x12 coconut lumber2x2x12 coconut lumber120Piece-1.00
212x5x12 gemilina lumber2x5x12 gemilina lumber63Piece-1.00
222x4x12 gemilina lumber2x4x12 gemilina lumber40Piece-1.00
232x2x12 gemilina lumber2x2x12 gemilina lumber100Piece-1.00
24red lead paintred lead paint10Gallon-1.00
25umbrella nails # 2 1/2umbrella nails # 2 1/2500Gram-1.00
262.50 m x 0.70 m aluminum glass window2.50m x 0.70m aluminum glass window sliding1Piece-1.00
272.40m x 1.00m aluminum glass window sliding2.40m x 1.00m aluminum glass window sliding1Piece-1.00
282.70m x 1.00m aluminum glass window sliding2.70m x 1.00m aluminum glass window sliding1Piece-1.00
292.00m x 1.30m aluminum glass window sliding2.00m x 1.30m aluminum glass window sliding2Piece-1.00
301.50m x 1.40m aluminum glass window sliding1.50m x 1.40m aluminum glass window1Piece-1.00
311.40m x 0.90m aluminum glass window sliding1.40m x 0.90m aluminum glass window sliding2Piece-1.00
322.10m x 0.80m aluminum glass door sliding2.10m x 0.80m aluminum glass door sliding3Piece-1.00
33latex paint- garden swing colorlatex paint - garden swing color20Gallon-1.00
34latex paint- little hide out colorlatex paint - little hide out color20Gallon-1.00
35skim coat whiteskim coat white10Bag-1.00
36flatwall enamel paint whiteflatwall enamel paint white20Gallon-1.00
37paint thinnerpaint thinner2Gallon-1.00
38paint roller # 7 w/ mixing panpaint roller # 7 w/ mixing pan5Set-1.00
39paint brush # 3paint brush # 33Piece-1.00
Pre-bid Conference




22/03/2019 9:00 AM Baucan sur, Barangay Hall

Created by Charito Ones Angoy
Date Created 04/02/2019

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