Bid Notice Abstract
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Reference Number 5418329
Title Purchase of Office Supplies (Legal Division)
Area of Delivery Iloilo

Solicitation Number: 18-47
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Negotiated Procurement - Small Value Procurement (Sec. 53.9)
Classification: Goods
Category: Office Supplies and Devices
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 107,956.50 
Delivery Period: 60 Day/s
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Rosario Y. Baldonado
Carto. 1
Fort San Pedro,
Iloilo City
Philippines 5000
63-33-5033563 Ext.123
Status Closed
Associated Components 1
Bid Supplements 0
Document Request List 1
Date Published 13/06/2018
Last Updated / Time 13/06/2018 00:00 AM
Closing Date / Time 18/06/2018 14:00 PM

20 pcs Ballpen black, fine point
20 pcs Ballpen blue, fine point
4 ream Bond Paper, A3
172 ream Bond paper substance 20 long
15 ream Bond paper substance 20 short
5 box Clip backfold 11mm, 12pcs/box
5 box Clip backfold, 19mm, 12pcs/box
5 box Clip backfold, 25mm, 12pcs/box
10 pcs Correction Tape, 6 meters
20 pcs Envelope, expanded long w/ string, maroon
5 box Envelope mailing, 500 pcs/box
5 bottle Glue, 130 grms
500 pcs Folder Ordinary long
500 pcs Folder expanded white long size
50 pcs Data file box with cover
30 pad Paper, yellow pad
10 pad Note pad, stick on (2"x3") 100 sheets/pad
10 pad Note pad, stick on (3"x3") 100 sheets/pad
10 pad Note pad, stick on (3"x4") 100 sheets/pad
35 pcs sign pen, black v-10 grip
25 pcs sign pen, blue v-10 grip
5 box Paper clip gem type 32mm, 100pcs/box
10 box Paper clip gem type 48mm, 100pcs/box
1 pcs Pencil Sharpener, table top
2 box Pencil lead w/ eraser 1 dozen/ box
3 pcs scissors 6"
5 pcs staple remover, plier type
2 pcs stapler, max heavy duty
15 roll tape, transparent 24mm, 50 meters
15 roll tape, transparent 48mm, 50 meters
15 roll tape, packaging, 48mm, 50 meters length
10 roll tape, masking, width 24mm
10 tape, masking width 48mm
49 box Durable Paper Fastener, plastic 50 pcs/box
25 box expanded folder with tag 100 pcs/box
10 pcs correction pen
2 pcs durable extension cord (6socket w/ switch)

Purpose: For official use of the Legal Cluster in Boracay


Created by Rosario Y. Baldonado
Date Created 12/06/2018

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