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Reference Number 5310228
Title Procurement of watershed Instruments (CDD)
Area of Delivery Iloilo

Solicitation Number: 18-32
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Public Bidding
Classification: Goods
Category: Water and Waste Water Treatment Supply & Disposal
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 3,003,000.00 
Delivery Period: 60 Day/s
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Contact Person: Rosario Y. Baldonado
Carto. 1
Fort San Pedro,
Iloilo City
Philippines 5000
63-33-5033563 Ext.123
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Date Published 24/04/2018
Last Updated / Time 17/08/2018 17:41 PM
Closing Date / Time 21/05/2018 14:00 PM

Multiparameter Water Quality Meter and Accessories Unit 1
Specification - User-defined auto-stable function holds stable readings on display when criteria is met; Built-in barometer; Auto buffer recognition for US and NIST buffers; CERTS: RoHS, CE, WEEE, C- Tick, VCCI, FCC, IP-67, 1-meter drop test, Assembled in USA; Connector: MS ( Military spec) waterproof with bayonet lock; Data Manager desktop software included; 100 user- defined folders and site names; 5,000 data sets ( data, date, time, user-defined info); 100 GLP files; Graphic display with detailed Help; backlit display and keypad.

Cable Probe Unit 1
4 sensor ports for Conductivity/Temp., ISE/ISE, and DO sensors. 4 meter cable length.

Galvanic DO Sensor Dissolved Oxygen Unit 1
Range; 0 to 500% air saturation; 0 to 50 mg/L. Accuracy: 0 to 200% ( ±2% of the reading or ±2% air saturation, whichever is greater)/200% to 500% (±6% of the reading); 0 to 20 mg/L (±2% of the reading or 0.2 mg/L; whichever is greater)/20 mg/L to 50 mg/L (±6% of the reading). Resolution: 1% or 0.1% air saturation ( user-selected); 0.1 mg/L or 0.01 mg/L (user-selected)/0.1% air saturation

Calibration solution for pH, Nitrate, Chloride, and spare DO membrane caps Unit 1
pH Sensor Sensor type: glass combination electrode. Range: 0 to 14 units. Accuracy:±0.2 units. Resolution:0.01 units. Unit 1
Nitrate (ISE) Sensor range: 0 to 200 mg/L-N (whichever is greater), Accuracy:0 to ± 10‌ % of reading or 2 mg/L-N, Resolution: 0.01 mg/L: Units: mgLC-Cl-, mV; Calibiration:

1,2, or 3 point(user selectable).30 ̊C. Unit 1
Chloride Sensor. Range; 0 to 1000 mg/L, 0 to 40 ̊C; Accuracy: ±15% of reading or 5 mg/L whichever is greater; Resolution: 0.01 mg/L; Units: mg/L-CI- , mV;

Calibration:1,2 or 3 user selectable Unit 1
Phosphate pocket colorimeter w/ reagents and cleaning solution. Range: 0.0 to 30.0 ppm; Resolution: 0.1 ppm; Accuracy @ 25 ̊C: 1.0 ppm ±5% of reading; Light Source: LED @ 525 nm; Light Detector: silicon photocell; Batery Type: (1) 1.5V AAA (included). Supplied with (2) sample cuvettes with caps, phosphate HR reagent starter kit for 20 tests (1) bottle of phosphate HR

reagent A, 20 packets of phosphate HR reagent B), battery, instructions and quick start guide. Unit 1
COD Colorimeter Certifications:CE floats , IP68 (1 Hour at 0.1 meter), GLP Compliance: Yes, Measurement Range: COD Low Range:0 to 150 mg/L, COD Mid-Range:0 to 1,500 mg/L, COD High Range:0 to 15,000 mg/L, Memory: Automatic, 16 data sets with date anmd stamp, Parameters measured: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demands), Power: Approximately 17 continous hours or 5000 tests, 4 alkaline AAA batteries, SAmpling: Yes, Unit of Measure: mg/L Unit 1
Digital Flow/ Velocity Meter Specification Specifications: Digital Display in ft/ sec or m/sec. Records 30 data sets for later analysis Rain-proof digital computer Highly accurate easy flow monitoring Debris shedding turbo-prop Lightweight, rugged,and reliable Telescoping handle with staff gauge Padded carrying case for easy storage Expanded Length: 3.7 to 6 ft.(1.1 to 1.8 m),Range: 0.3- 19.9 FPS (0.1-6 MPS) Averaging: True digital running average. Updated once per second. Display: LCD,Glare and UV Protected Control: 4 button Datalogger: 30 sets,MIN,MAX, and AVG.CE Certified Unit 1
Microclimate Sensor unit 3
Specification Automathic weather Station Includes: High Resolution (0.2mm res.) range Gauge, solar radiation sensor, temperature/ relative humidity sensor w/ passive radiation shield, cup anemometer for wind speed & direction sensors, and 5 sensor port 3G datalogger, all sensors have 3.5 mm stereo plug and 5 meter cable length
Automatic Water Level System(Ultrasonic Sensor) Specification Ranges: 0.33 to 3 ft; and 1 to 48 ft. Includes 3G Datablogger; Resolution:0.009 in, 0.035 in, and 0.141 in Repeatability: Greater of ± 0.03 indhes(0.76 mm) or 0.1% of range@ constant temperature Accuracy: Better than 0.5% of range @ constant temperature; affected by tenperature gradients,target echo strength,and speed of sound in vapors. Transducer Type: Ruggedized piezoelectric. Beam Angle: 12 ̊ conical shaped pattern. Power: 3 and 12 ft rng: 10 to 30 VDC @70 Ma MAX 48 ft range: 10 to 30 VDC@40 mA max Output:4-20 mA(4 mA is minimum water level and 20 mA is maximum water level) Updated Rate: 50 ms ;Warm up Time 15 Seconds; Operating Temperature Ranges: (-40 ̊ to 70 ̊C) Humidity; 0-100% (Avoid heavy condensation) Housing Material:303 stainless steel Mounting: 3 and 12 ft rng: 30x1.5 mm threaded housing 48 ft range:2.5 inch Male NPT threads dimensions; Dimensions: 3 and 12 ft rng. 4.062 in. long x1.05 in diameter (103.2Lx60 Dia mm) 48ft range 4.75 inch longx2.375 inch dia. (121Lx60 dia mm) Weight: 3 adn 12ft rng:12.7 oz (0.36g) 48 ft range:25.9 oz (0.73kg) IP rating: IP 68 Unit 1
Digital Moisture Meter and accessories Specification Measurement Principle: Time -domain measurement method; Measurement Units; Percent Volumetric Water Content (VWC); Resolution; 0.1% VWC; Accuracy:+- 3.0% VWC with Electrical Conductivity (EC) <2ms /cm;Range:0% to saturation(Saturation up to about 50% volumetric water depending on soil type ); Battery;4AA batteries (include); Data Logger: 50,000 measurements; EC range :+/-0.1 mS/cm, Resolution:0.01 mS/cm, Accuracy:+/-0.1 mS/cm; Temperature range: -30 ̊C to 60 ̊ C, Resolution 0.1 ̊ , Accuracy:+/-1 ̊C. Features: Intergrated Bluetooth and GPS , Improved shaft-mounted probe with telescoping tubular frame , Data collected with USB flash Drive, Complete with case an pair of rods.
Soil Sample Test Kit Specification: Include: 3" diameter regular, mud/clay, and sand auger buckets; three 4" extensions; a cross handle; eight locking pins; and a heavy-duty weatherproof case for convenient storage and transportation 1
Soil Permeability Test Kit: Specification: Dual head infiltrometer Kit (saturated hydraulic conductivity) features: fully automated, capable of unattended measurement, KFs values calculated and graphed in real time, no data post-processing is necessary, portable, includes self-contained water reservoir. Specs: infiltration rate resolution: 0.0038/cm/hr to 115cm/hr; Infiltration rate resolution: 0.0038cm/hr; Infiltration rate accuracy:+-5% of reading, water level: maintained at 5cm; pressure head ranges:0 to 40cm; operating temperature: 0 to 50degree C; Charging adapter: 18 V 2.2 Amps; Rnage 18-24 V DC Output: USB. Includes: A hammer for pushing the sampling ring into the soil, a file, 2 water reservoir bags, a 10cmring, a 5cm ring, screwdriver for the screws on the infiltrometer 1
Features: Quickly test unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates, compact and simple, fast setup, straightforward calculations, and reliable. Specifications: Total length: 32.7 cm; Diamter of tube: 3.1 cm; volume of water required to operate: 135 ml; sintered stainless steel disc: 4.5 cm diameter,3 mm thick; length of water reservoir: 21.2 cm; length of suction regulation tube; 10.2 cm; length of mariotte tube: 28cm; sunction tube

Specification: Physical dimensions: 2.4"X4.5"x1.3" (6.1X11.4x3.3 cm); weight: 7.4 oz (209.8 gr) with batteries; water rating: IPX7; Battery: rechargeable NiMH pack (included) or 2AA batteries (not included); NiMH or Lithium recommended; Display size: 1.5"Wx2.5"H (3.8x6.3cm); 3" diag (7.6 cm) BAttery life: up to 16 hrs.; Memory/ History: 4gb; waypoints/favorites/locations: 10,000; track log:20,000 points, 250 saved tracks; camera:yes (8 megapixel with autofocus; digital zoom), with picture viewer

Specifications: Measurement Principle: Time-domain measurement methods; measurement units: percent columetric water content (VWC); Resolution:0.1% VWC; Accuracy : +- 3.0% VWC with Electrical Conductivity (EC) <2mS/cm; Range:0% to saturation (Saturation up to 50% columetircwater depending on soil type); Battery:4AA batteries (included); Data Logger:50000 measurement; EC Range: 0 to 5 mS/cm, Resolution:0.01 mS/cm, Accuracy:+-0.1 mS/cm; Temperatue Range:-30C to 60C, Resolution0.1, Accuracy:+-1C; Features: Integrated Bluetooth and GPS, Improved Shaft-mounted probe with telescoping tubular frame, data collected with USB flash Drive, Complete with case and pair of rods

Specification: range 11 to 550 yds.; 10 to 500m; 33 to 999 ft. Resolution: 0.5 yds.; 0.5m 1 ft accuracy: +- 1/2 yd out to 99 yds.; +-1 yd from 100 to 550 yds Power two 3V CR2 battery (included)

Specification: Penetration Depth: up to 24" in 3" increments. Testing Range: Good growing conditions, 0 to 200 psi; Fair growing conditions, 200 to 300 psi; Poor growing conditions, 300 psi and above

Specification: Helley-Smith Hand Held Sampler (Bed Load Sampler) with mesh bag. Specially designed for collecting sand, silt, gravel, or rock debris carried by streams or immediately above their beds. Ideal for collecting bed load materialswhich have partial sizes or a density that does not allow great movement above or away from strwam bed. 4lb (1.8 kg) hand held sampler has a 3"x3" entrance opening and a 3.22 expansion ratio chamber. 250 micron mesh bag (sold separately) is made of nylon for excellent abrasion resistance. Sampler made of stainless steel. Handle extends from 4"to8".

Specification: Small, lightweight, cast aluminum sampler is designed to obtain sediment samples in shallow water with a wading rod. An exhaust tube is cast into the body of depth integrating-type sampler and allows air in one-pint sampler bottle to escape downstream as the accumulating sample displaces it. Includes two 1/4" sampler nozzles, one 1" wading rod with handle, a case of 24 one pint sample bottles with caps, and adhesive labels. Dimension (with nozzle and rod): 12"x23"

Heavy Metal Detector unit 1
Specification: Ideal for lead in water screening 3ppb(ug/L) or 0.3 ug lead detection (EPA Max Limit is 15 ppd). Detects 1 500 ppb lead in water uses patented technology (U.S patent 7333194) 2 year warranty and 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Ground Water Sensor (data logger) unit 1
Specification: Conductivity/ Temp/ Depth with Datalogger via 3G internet, telemtry range: water depth 0-10000 mm; electrical conductivity: 0-120 dS/m; temperature=-11 to 49C; resolution: water depth:2mm; electrical conductivity:0.001 ds/m; temperature:0.1C; Accuracy: water depth: +-0.05% of full scale @20C; electrical conductivty:+-0.01 ds/m or +-10%(whichever is greater); Temperature: +-1C; Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C (pressure transducer cannot be allowed to freezewhile submersed); Power Requirement: 3.6-15 VDC, 0.03mA quiescent, 0.5 mA during 300 ms measurement; Measurement Time: 300 ms (milliseconds); Output: Serial TTL, 3.6 Volts levels or SDI-12. Includes 5 sensor port Data logger. Ideal for monitoring pipes and wells.

Digital Caliper unit 3
Specification: Measuring Range:6'/150mm. Resolution:0.01"/0.1mm; Accuracy:+-0.01" or +-*0.2mm Depth Bar: No. Thumb Roller/ Lock Screw: No. Non-metallic/ Non-conductive: Yes; Dimensions:9.5"x3"; Weight:2oz

Digital Light Meter unit 1
Specification: Quantum Light Meter with Integral Sensor and Handheld Meter. Measurement Range:0 to 2,999 umol m; Operating Environment:0C to 50C; less than 90% non condensing relative humidity up to 30C; less than 90% non condensing relative humidity up to 30C, less than 70C relative humidity from 30C to 50C; Power standard 3 Volt coin cell battery.

Note: For official use of CDD


Line Items
Item No.Product/Service NameDescriptionQuantityUOMBudget (PHP)
1Watershed InstrumentsAssorted1Lot2,997,700.00
Pre-bid Conference
Date Time Venue
02/05/2018 2:00:00 PM Conference Room
DENR Region VI
Fort San Pedro
Iloilo City

Please see attached Addendum 18-06

Created by Rosario Y. Baldonado
Date Created 23/04/2018

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