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Message from the PS-PhilGEPS Executive Director

Welcome to the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS)! This website is the Philippines' central portal designed to host all the public procurement opportunities and information to support the provisions of the Government Procurement Reform Act or Republic Act 9184 and as a tool for efficiency, openness and good governance.

The PhilGEPS currently has a homepage which displays current notices, awards, news items, training schedules and statistics on public procurement. It also hosts the Government of the Philippines – Official Merchants Registry (GoP-OMR) and more recently, a registration facility for Civil Society Observers (CSOs) and Government Auditors.

As stated in the 2015 SONA Technical Report, the expanded coverage and increase use of the PhilGEPS online portal increased the government’s cost savings from P29.93 million in 2010 to P65.17 million in 2014 on newspaper advertisements alone. Also, the annual amount of awarded contracts that went through PhilGEPS increased to an annual average of P274.49 billion from July 2010 to June 2015.

PhilGEPS aims to be the single and most reliable provider of an e-commerce platform with the introduction of E-Bidding and Contract Implementation modules and its linkage to government integrated financial systems.

Thank you and enjoy the site!

Executive Director IV, Procurement Service-PhilGEPS

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