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Bid Notice Abstract
Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  Reference Number 6186405
  Title Public Bidding No. 19-156-2 Malolos-Clark Railway Project (Blumentritt Extension) for Packages CP S-01; Building and Civil Engineering Works for Apx. 1 Km of Viaduct Structure including Station Buildi
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Solicitation Number: PB 19-156-2
Trade Agreement: ADB Procurement Guidelines
Procurement Mode: International Competitive Bidding
Classification: Civil Works
Category: Construction Projects
Estimated Budget for the Contract: PHP 0.00
Contract Duration: 0 Day/s
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Leigh Ann F. Pua
Procurement Management Officer II
Procurement Service
Metro Manila
Philippines 1007
63-2-6897750 Ext.4031


Associated Components Order
Bid Supplements
Document Request List
Date Published 10/05/2019
Last Updated / Time 10/09/2019 2:00 PM
Closing Date / Time 05/11/2019 10:00 AM

Date: 10 May, 2019
Project No. and Title: Reference Project No. 52083-002, Malolos-Clark Railway Project for Package CP
Contract No. and Title: PB 19-156-2, Malolos-Clark Railway Project (Blumentritt Extension) for Packages CP
S-01; Building and Civil Engineering Works for Apx. 1 Km of Viaduct Structure
including Station Building at Blumentritt
Deadline for Submission of Bids: at 10 a.m. on 8 August, 2019
1. The Government of the Republic of the Philippines has applied for financing from the Asian
Development Bank (ADB) toward the cost of the Malolos-Clark Railway Project (Blumentritt
Extension). Part of this financing will be used for payments under the Contract for the Procurement of
the Contract Package CP S-01 Building and Civil Engineering Works for approximately 1.12Km of rail
viaduct including one elevated station building.
2. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) as the Employer, through its Procuring Agent, Procurement
Service Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM), now invites sealed Bids from eligible
Bidders for the construction and completion of the Works as broadly described above.
3. The Employers evaluation shall include an assessment of the Bidders capacity to meet the following
aggregated requirements as presented in the Bid. Bidders’ key qualifications are summarised in the
Table below:
Key Qualification** Criteria**
Financial Standing
Average Annual
Construction Turnover
Bidder must have Average Annual Turnover of Over
US$ Two Hundred Forty Million (240,000,000). [Ref: Item
Available Financial
Bidder must have minimum available finances of
US$ Sixteen Million (16,000,000). [Ref: Item 2.3.3]
Experience Contracts
of Similar Value
In the past ten years have substantially completed at least one
project of over US$ One Hundred Twenty Million
(120,000,000).[Ref: Item 2.4.1]
Bid Security Bidder must be able to furnish a bank security of US$ Three
Million (3,000,000).[Ref: ITB 19.1]
Equipment to be
Bidder must demonstrate that he has adequate equipment to
meet, 1) the employer’s quality and safety requirements, and
2) project timelines. [Vol 2, Sec 6]
Personnel Assigned
Bidder must demonstrate that he has adequate Staff to meet
1) the employer’s quality and safety requirements, and 2)
project timelines. [Vol 2, Sec 6]
Specific Experience
Steel Bridge Bidder must have experience of construction of at least 50m
steel bridge using incremental launching method.
Elevated Railway
Bidder must have experience of at least one project including
an elevated railway station.*
Bidder must demonstrate he has experience of building
Railway or Road viaducts of minimum of 2km using P.C.
segmental span-by-span technique.*
Balance Cantilever
Bidder must have experience of building 3 span balanced
cantilever method of length not less than 150m.*
*Note – Refer Volume I, Part 1, Section 3, EQC Item 2.4.2;
** The Bidding Documents will prevail in case of any discrepancy between this Table and the Bidding Documents
4. Open competitive bidding will be conducted in accordance with ADB’s Single-Stage One-Envelope
without Prequalification procedure and is open to all Bidders from eligible countries as described in the
Bidding Document.
5. To obtain further information and to register for bid addendums, pre-bid conference and site visits,
Bidder should contact the address indicated below from Mondays to Fridays during office hours from
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT +8:00).
Engr. Manuel S. Avila
The Chairperson
Bids and Awards Committee II
Procurement Service
PS-DBM Complex,
RR Road, Cristobal Street,
Paco, Manila 1007
Telephone No: (+63 2) 563 9404
Facsimile No.: (+63 2) 563 9404
Email Address : pd2@ps-philgeps.gov.ph
Websites : www.ps-philgeps.gov.ph
: www.dotr.gov.ph (Under Foreign-Assisted Projects)
: www.pnr.gov.ph
6. Bid Documents
- The following websites are available for downloading of the Bidding Documents, Tender Bulletins,
Bid Addenda, Site Visit Information, etc.
– PS-DBM : www.ps-philgeps.gov.ph
– The DOTr : www.dotr.gov.ph
– The PNR : www.pnr.gov.ph
- To purchase hard copies of the Bidding Documents in English, eligible bidders should write to the
PS-DBM address above requesting the Documents.
- Pay a non-refundable fee of Philippine Peso fifty thousand (PhP 50,000.00) for each set of Bidding
Documents required, by cashier’s check made payable to “PROCUREMENT SERVICES”. Cash
payment at the above address are acceptable subject to issuance of an authenticated official receipt.
- For the avoidance of doubt, the non-refundable fee of PhP 50,000 shall be paid by a bidder before
submitting its bid regardless of whether the bidder obtains a hard copy of the bidding documents or
not. However, if a bidder requests for a hard copy, the PhP 50,000 shall be paid upon the bidder’s
request of the hard copy of the bidding documents.
7. Bid(s) shall be delivered
– To the address given at item 5 above
– On or before the deadline stated on page 1 above
– Together with the Bid Security(ies) as described in the Bidding Document(s).
8. Bids shall be opened in public in accordance with ITB 25 on the bid submission deadline stated above
in the presence of those Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend.
Bids and Award Committee II

Pre-bid Conference




03/06/2019 10:00 AM Lecture Theatre 2 Asian Development Bank 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines

Other Information
For copy of the bidding documents, please follow the link: https://bit.ly/2VUDRbw or https://bit.ly/2JbAWoF

please see attached document for reference.
Created by Leigh Ann F. Pua
Date Created 09/05/2019

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